Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Life

Well, here's a nice, make-up-less fatty fatty picture of me. 4 months. Yikes.
If the Wump is in the area, Wolfgang is leaning on him.
He loves the Wump.
The Wump is ambivalent.
Grammy and Papa's room is where the treasure is hidden and all the secrets of the universe are stored. If only he could get in there. He tries looking.
If Grammy goes in there, he waits.....
Sometimes he'll play with a toy to pass the time.
Every once in a while he breaks into forbidden chamber. This time to help Grammy make the bed. He'd rather be doing chores in the secret chamber than eating cookies in the living room.
The other day we hung out on Cathy's bedroom floor with Wyatt. So funny to see them together. Sweet boys.
And this is Wolfgang's first successful bubble blowing(spitting) session. Ahh, to be naked and chubby in the backyard and not care.


  1. I love these pictures! I love the Wolf and you look beatimus belly and all :P


  2. You look so pretty! And Wolfgang is so adorable!