Saturday, October 23, 2010


Or as Wolfgang would say, "Thloo!"

While I was drinking nasty stuff and having my blood sucked out at the lab, Grammy and Randy took Wolfgang to the Thloo.
It was so, so, so exciting!!
This is my favorite time.
Wolfgang is so interested in everything and absolutely awestruck by the simplest things.
And the best part, Butterflies!

Arg! He melts my heart on a daily basis. How can a human being be so sweet and wonderful?
We have an MRI scheduled for him on Friday so pray that goes ok. And my diabetes test came back 100% normal. Yee-haw.
Now I can eat candy in peace. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This week

The good thing is that Wolfgang pretty much has a good attitude no matter what is going on.
He is feeling better. Sweet little spaz.

But his doctor feels like we need to see a neurologist about Wolfgang's balance issues. I've scheduled an MRI and a few more things before we see the specialist. He wants to be able to look at all the results and see whats going on in the Guggy-Gooster-Brain.
I'm more worried about the tests than the results. Wolfgang is such a smarty that I'm not too worried about that end of things. He can count to five, spell "We" and "Go" and he can identify and say every letter of the alphabet. And his fine motor skills are pretty darn good.

So now we just need to get to the bottom of the drunken sailor movements.
Tomorrow I am going in for a second glucose test. 3 hours. Drink nasty stuff, take blood. My doctor called a couple of days ago and said that my latest round of blood-test showed that I am anemic and possibly.......gestationally....diabetic.
You know what I mean.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I sit down at my computer and its always really really late. My stack of projects to do after 8pm is teetering.
Things are going good. Wolfgang has been pumpkin carving with Randy on a regular basis. He's pretty much learned the ins and outs.
He loves it.
From beginning to end.

We got him his own and gave him a marker.
Before the face application.....
After the face application.
He is also really digging his room these days.
He just wants to sit and play.

He is sick sick sick today though.
We took him to the doc because he has a 102 fever. He has some kind of throat infection. Poor little pitiful baby. He's done a lot of clinging and laying around.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Note

We haven't done much with Wolfgang's room since we've been here because things have been so temporary. But Wolfgang loves his room. So we finally took down the pack-n-play and set up his big boy bed. Haven't finished the room or his bedding, but I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of him in his new corner.

I let him go nuts with some stickers (temporary!)

He loves his bed!