Monday, February 7, 2011

Tunnel Vison

My life feels unusually focussed right now. I see other people , other artists, painting and sewing and doing all the things that I usually do. But my painting-sewing-etc supplies are all in storage. And I have a newborn. And a wobbly two-year-old.
I have temporarily succumbed to tunnel vision.
But look at this!
I have a baby head!
Two baby-heads, to be exact.
After all these baby-headless years! I'm 36 and Boom! I have 2 babies.
Maybe I'm too old for this, but man am I overwhelmed with thankfulness for it.
Look at my sweet Max.

I live with a bunch of laundry-creating boys!
Soon, our stuff will be out of storage and our life will change again!