Monday, February 7, 2011

Tunnel Vison

My life feels unusually focussed right now. I see other people , other artists, painting and sewing and doing all the things that I usually do. But my painting-sewing-etc supplies are all in storage. And I have a newborn. And a wobbly two-year-old.
I have temporarily succumbed to tunnel vision.
But look at this!
I have a baby head!
Two baby-heads, to be exact.
After all these baby-headless years! I'm 36 and Boom! I have 2 babies.
Maybe I'm too old for this, but man am I overwhelmed with thankfulness for it.
Look at my sweet Max.

I live with a bunch of laundry-creating boys!
Soon, our stuff will be out of storage and our life will change again!


  1. Heather, your boys are so handsome! Hang in there, hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will settle down. I will pray for sleep, because it certainly makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Boys! Love those boys!...even if they do make TONS of laundry. (and eat a lot). You're looking good!


  3. Gorgeous, sweet boys!

    It is a wonderful, crazy, amazing, difficult place you are at right now--because the artist brain doesn't shut down while you have little ones. In a few months you will be back to normal-ish, ha! :) It is a hard balance, but there are seasons for all this. I just sold the glider that I used with all three of my babies and I'm so sad. What I would give for one more newborn snuggle on my chest. See? We mothers are nuts. :) Thinking of you!

    So happy to meet you and know your story, Heather!