Saturday, May 29, 2010


Why are we laying so comfortably on the carpet?

Because we went swimming.

Have I mentioned how hot San Antonio gets? It is already in the mid 90's here and it isn't even June. But thats not the hot of which I speak. The hot I'm talking about is when you walk outside and it feels like someone has taken a thick towel out of a boiling pot of water, thrown it over your face an demanded that you breathe normally.

Hot. And Humid.
So we swam with Cristin and LOVED it. It was heaven in a basin.
Wolfgang was so cute. He's so chubby and smooth. Its like holding a baby dolphin.....sort of.....


(Me and Wyatt on my favorite sofa in the whole world)
This week I went into Fredericksburg with Cathy to put some bedding on a bed at Homestead.
They don't do all the fabric and upholstery anymore but they do have some spectacular antiques. And the building itself it worth the trip. I want to move in.....

The room with "our" bed in it is upstairs in the back. Its bright. And cute. (I want to move in...)
My favorite things are the hanging lamps.
So. Darn. Cool.
(and the walls and the floors and the stairs.......)

Look at that sofa calling my name!
....or is it this sofa?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I spent the morning running a couple of errands and visiting Mr. Wyatt.
He and The Goo were having opposite hair-days.

Then tonight Randy and I went over to a coffee shop next door to Me & My House.
The Wolf likes to have his own drink and his own wingback.
And his own Daddy.
And his own Mama.
Spoiled rotten.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me and My Work

Some of you may have seen a few of these pictures before. I have a work blog
so some of this might be overlap, but now I have to tell you the rest of the story.

This tree might not look so big and heavy, but let me tell you what. Its big and heavy.
The Bad Guys are chopping down the forest behind Randy's parents' house and so I went back there on an off day and picked out a few beauts.
This was a nice silvery color. It had a REALLY long trunk, though, so I had to go back to the house and get a big saw to cut it in half. Then my wonderful husband came and drug it through the remaining forest and helped me get it over the fence.
That night we wrapped it in a quilt, tied it to the back of a truck and drove it up to work.

I was working by myself and had to figure out how to get the thing upright, suspended and secure without breaking anything or seriously injuring myself.
Lets just say that the bar at the end of the shopping center was having a busy night and so I had an audience. It was neither graceful not attractive, but I did it. And now its staying there for a while.
I ran up to work today to do a few things and The Wolf hung out on a bed with a furniture model.
(lucky Wolf).
Here we are outside the store. I did the windows a long time ago and the old book pages (cut into scallops and taped to the windows) help with the glare. I still like it.
Here is another little tree (I tied little silk bouquets to the branches). After the ginormous petrified redwood (it will get bigger every time I tell the story), this minuscule branch was like a shishkabob stick (I have no idea how to spell that)
I usually go up to work after 8. After the Wolf goes down. Its nice to have the place to myself and be able to destroy half the store without apologizing. It always comes together in the end.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Very First Blog

I wish it could be something exciting but it can't. Sorry.
We are in flux right now. Randy is finishing, I am working, Wolfgang is making blueberry cobbler with Grammy.....

He is almost 30 pounds now. Yikes. Heavy.
The Wolf likes to eat. He is hungry. Like the wolf....
He is also starting to talk. He can say all the usual words (mama, dada, papa, ni-night, juice, milk ........clock......)
I love that little chubby boy.
Underneath his chef hat, you'll notice that he has no hair.
We shaved it all off and now I can't stop touching his head. So, so sweet.
I'll post pictures of us as soon as I get a haircut and don't look like a sasquatch.
For now: The Goo