Monday, May 17, 2010

The Very First Blog

I wish it could be something exciting but it can't. Sorry.
We are in flux right now. Randy is finishing, I am working, Wolfgang is making blueberry cobbler with Grammy.....

He is almost 30 pounds now. Yikes. Heavy.
The Wolf likes to eat. He is hungry. Like the wolf....
He is also starting to talk. He can say all the usual words (mama, dada, papa, ni-night, juice, milk ........clock......)
I love that little chubby boy.
Underneath his chef hat, you'll notice that he has no hair.
We shaved it all off and now I can't stop touching his head. So, so sweet.
I'll post pictures of us as soon as I get a haircut and don't look like a sasquatch.
For now: The Goo


  1. I'm so glad you have a new blog. Even though you are here and touchable, i still find myself looking for your blog that kept us connected for the years when you were away. Creatures of habit.

    Pics of Wolfgang are precious and that bald head is even more "preciouser".

    love you

  2. And l might add... the blueberry cobbler was DELICIOUS!

  3. I'm so happy you're back with a new Blog. I missed you and missed knowing what is going on in your life.

  4. Wish I could be there to give Wolfgang a big squeeze! What a sweet little boy! I miss you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Love you


  5. Hi,from the Strand.Wonderful to see little Wolf chubby and happy with the family. He looks as if he is loving it and the hairdo is perfect like his Daddy!!!!! Your shop is beautiful... how did you manage to stay in Mae's little cottage for so long?You must have missed it like crazy.Love to you all, keep posting photo's.We enjoy watching them. Chemie and Theresa.

  6. wolf is so, it. Where are you anyways? I'm assuming Texas? :-)
    love your blog style...I don't mind China if its American made;-)

  7. Since when is "clock" a normal toddler word?!! Personally I find that very impressive. And just as impressive is the shaved head, looking like his father. Good for a Texas summer. Pretty sweeeeet.

  8. wow your family has gone from zero to 60 in about 2 years!

  9. wow your family has gone from zero to 60 in about 2 years!