Saturday, May 29, 2010


Why are we laying so comfortably on the carpet?

Because we went swimming.

Have I mentioned how hot San Antonio gets? It is already in the mid 90's here and it isn't even June. But thats not the hot of which I speak. The hot I'm talking about is when you walk outside and it feels like someone has taken a thick towel out of a boiling pot of water, thrown it over your face an demanded that you breathe normally.

Hot. And Humid.
So we swam with Cristin and LOVED it. It was heaven in a basin.
Wolfgang was so cute. He's so chubby and smooth. Its like holding a baby dolphin.....sort of.....


  1. Babies in water are the best. But I do not envy you your heat and humidity - ugh!

  2. I had a great time. I'm sure this will be a common occurrence this summer. Yay for pools!

  3. How fun! I do wish I could have been there. We still need to get Jude little swim trunks :-) It's going to be 100 + degrees here in Lubbock. At least in the dry heat when the wind blows it feels like someone is blasting you in the face with hot hair dryer! :P

    The Wolf is looking super cool and the ladies as always are oh so pretty!

    Love you guys!!!


    P.S. You're pretty too Randy ;P