Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I spent the morning running a couple of errands and visiting Mr. Wyatt.
He and The Goo were having opposite hair-days.

Then tonight Randy and I went over to a coffee shop next door to Me & My House.
The Wolf likes to have his own drink and his own wingback.
And his own Daddy.
And his own Mama.
Spoiled rotten.


  1. He has the best mama and daddy in the world!!! Such sweet pics...Love Wyatt's do :P


  2. Aw, I love those pictures! I want to know even MORE, he walking, does he like animals or trucks, what's his favorite food, what makes him laugh more than anything? I can't wait to meet The Wolf. :)

  3. His Daddy makes him laugh more than anything. Anything he does and Wolfgang is in hysterics. It's the cutest thing ever.

  4. I wish I was having coffee with you guys.

  5. I miss you and want to hold the Goo and give you a hug.