Sunday, January 30, 2011

He is almost a month old but he stills feels brand spanking new.
Maybe its because I haven't slept in 23 days. Its been one, long, never-ending day.
This photo was taken last week sometime and he already looks completely different. Thats how I know time is passing.
We've had some jealous issues. Or could it be spoiled rotten issues?
Thankfully the Wolf has a lot of supporters to help him get through this rough time of not being THE center of the universe.
The other day I had lunch with Max and Cathy and Wolfgang ran errands and went to the Zoo with Grammy. They ate Cheetos and PB&J's.
They rode the zoo train and the Wolf stood the entire time.

He is also taking sides, sportswise.
(go go go!)

1 comment:

  1. precious pictures and he isn't spoiled rotten, just loved to death.

    can't wait to hold that baby again. He looks so much like Wolfgang in this picture.

    love you