Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wolf Hair

Man was The Wolf's hair getting crazy. We had to do something about it.
Grammy suggested this cute little kid's place and so she and Randy took him this morning.
The stylist found Dora for him.
And then he told her the look he was wanting to achieve while she snapped on his cutting robe.
And then he waited patiently while she went into the back to mix the products.
"Are you sure you're using a Number 6?"
The shaving begins.....
How cute is that little yellow chair?
Consulting with Grammy.
Then came the destruction of the livingroom.
And the smearing of pizza on the face.


  1. Wow, amazing what a haircut can do! He suddenly looks all grown up (and handsome).

  2. OMG, He is so cute! I never get used to how stinkin' cute he is! I sure do love him.

  3. He is grammy and papa's sweet boy. we love him dearly.