Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He has fun

It takes an entire household to keep Wolfgang busy.
It might be different if he could walk and do more for himself. But seeing as I am out of commission, everyone tends to the Goo.
He has fun.
He loves baking brownies. This was about 5 minutes into it. A big blob of chocolate on the left sock.
He has fun stirring.

Notice the first evidence of taste-testing.

He's pretty cool. Likes to chill while Grammy does the heavy lifting.
Oh darn. There goes the other Goo-sock.
Oh well....

He loves watching home videos.
They make him happy.
And weird.
He loves my cane. And his backpack. And he tolerates the helmet that saves him many an injury.

Papa gives him a ride as soon as he walks in the door from work. How great is that?
And Daddy. Well, Daddy is Wolfgang's favorite playmate.

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  1. And he even has his own chef's hat! So cool. So cute.