Monday, December 20, 2010


Its really early and I've been awake since WAY earlier, so I thought I'd post a blog (not that anyone is reading, but I thought I'd do it just for kicks).

Less than 3 weeks and I'm having this baby. I'm uncomfortable *understatement*. I've been waking up around 3 or 4 and I just can't get back to sleep. Various things hurt. Other things are numb. Oh well. What are you gonna do.

This is going to be a busy time up ahead. The Wolf doesn't know whats about to hit him.
(Here he is at the Zoo with Daddy)
(Randy took him on a cold morning and the Wolf literally had the entire zoo to himself)
(And especially the sandbox)
(...Which is good because he is a sand-thrower)
(Sweet, lone Wolf)
I can't believe its only 5 days until Christmas. We went to Target last night and it was Grand Central Station. Yuck. Glad we wont have to do that again. All of our "shopping" is done. Not that we really did any shopping. I'm doing a Little House on the Prairie Christmas and I'm making all the gifts I can. Its been fun.
(Grammy and Wolf at the Christmas concert at church. It was laundry day......)
Friday is our 15th wedding anniversary. 15 years! I love it. God has definitely had mercy on us. We're going to go eat some fondue together before our world explodes again. It will be nice.

(The sharing of the juice)
Then Saturday is Christmas. I'm basically immobile, so its a good thing that we are going nowhere. I'll sit on the couch and watch Wolfgang experience his first family Christmas in blissful confusion. He still has no idea what the presents under the tree are.
On Sunday Randy's brother David (and wife Kristi and their 5 kids) are coming into town to do Christmas. That night we'll celebrate Wolfgang's birthday. Cake. Candles. Gifts.
Let me tell you, he's going to think this is HIS weekend.
The fun before the storm. :)


  1. What a nice surprise to see an entry! I KNEW (hoped) you couldn't hold out forever! Can't wait for Max to get here and see his shining face. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. My how things have changed in a year, huh? Love you!

  2. Yea, BLOG! Wolfgang will have such an exciting week. Merry Christmas, happy birthday, and happy new year, Little Wolf! And brother. Maybe he'll think he's just one more gift for him. :)

  3. Best. Christmas gift. Ever. Heatherblog!!!!
    Miss reading you, friend.