Friday, December 31, 2010

End of a year

Well, its after midnight so its officially next year. I can hear all the fireworks going off at 6 Flaggs right down the street.
These past few weeks have been crazy and exhausting and wonderful.
Sue captured it all on film and Wolfgang loves to relive it whenever he can.

This was his first real Christmas (with a Christmas tree and all). You'll notice that there are bumper pads tied to all hard corners. He takes a lot of spills. And the couch cushion absorbs a lot of spills, hence the Pink Snack Blanket.
Christmas morning we were all up before he was. I was so excited for him to open things.
He absolutely loved his little bike and helmet from Grammy and Papa. We're waiting for a little more coordination before we let him loose on it (so he got another "in the meantime" toy to make up for stashing the bike in the garage. More on that....)
After he went to bed that night everybody (but me) blew up 47 million balloons and we made a huge Birthday Balloon bouquet to hang from the ceiling (for his b-day which we celebrated with the other kids the day after Christmas).
The next day all the cousins drove in from Georgetown and waited patiently on the floor for their stockings.....
....and their presents.
We had cupcakes after that and sang Happy B-day to the Goo.
This is his new favorite thing in the whole world.
The Car.
Its all he talks about.
He sits in there with his juice and waits for someone to push him around.
On his actual birthday day we were busy. Cathy took me and the Wolf to my last doctor's appointment and then met some of her family at Chic Filet. They had cupcakes! And Wolfgang played in the toddler area. He had such a good time. I'll get pictures of that soon.

That night Grammy took something special out of the fridge.
A fruit bouquet with candles!
He just about flipped his gourd.
(and then he spat out the candles)
And then he dove in with great enthusiasm (and chocolate dip and whipped cream).

But this is what we do before bed.
We push Mindy around in the car.
Its been a good holiday season.


  1. I was always kind of jealous of anyone who had a car like that when I was a kid...even when I got way too old for a toy like that to be age-appropriate. So cool. And his license plate!!! Love.

  2. He is thriving! I know you're ready to have Max - can't wait till you post pics...somewhere. Prayers to ya!