Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, Bummer. Our desktop doesn't work. We got a fabulous new monitor and the computer is kaput......have I ever spelled that before? Is it correct? Too lazy to look it up....

Wolfgang goes with Grammy on Thursdays (thank you Grammy). This afternoon I had a nap and when I woke up, the kickapoo was laying there looking at me.
And grinning a big grin....:)

I then proceeded to clean(ish) the bedroom.
This is how he entertains himself (insert grunting sounds and the occasional snort and giggle)
I love him.
He's the Maxter of Disaxter.


  1. These are taken on my phone, by the way....

  2. Oh, my sweet little Maxter of Disaxter! I just love how he has become such a happy little boy. What a blessing!!!

  3. No, it's kaputt (German for "broken")

  4. Oh, how cute! Look at him grinning at you, loving his mama...I love it!

  5. Love the last photo - funny and cute. I can definitely picture him rolling around and making happy noises. Happy 3-months-minus-2-days!