Thursday, April 7, 2011


If you'll notice, my last post was on Thursday. This is the day Grammy takes the Wolf to therapy. That means I can open the computer without grubby little fingers pawing at the keys, or jabbing themselves into my eyes (with a little voice saying, "Eye, Mommy. Eye."
Anything to get Mommy back on Mommy-track.

Cathy and Wyatt came over for a while yesterday morning and Wolfgang showed him around his "woom".
They jumped in the Jumpy.

They kicked things around in the living room.

They sat and read books.
But the fun began when Wyatt locked himself and Wolfgang in Wolfgang's room and then proceeded to get his leg stuck between the bed frame and the wall.
When Wyatt began calling for help, I immediately pictured one or both of them hanging out the window by their fingertips.
We couldn't see Wyatt, but we deduced from his cries that he could not get to the door to unlock it. I could see Wolfgang's feet under the door, so I knew he was free. I'm sure the lock never once crossed his mind.
Thankfully apartment bedroom doors are generally thin and unnaturally flexible. This one lived up to its reputation. We were able to bust it open using my hip and a spoon on Cathy's keychain.
By this time Wyatt was tired, I'm sure, of standing on one leg. Wolfgang was sitting on his bed clutching his blankie. He burst into tears upon my entrance. Cathy pried Wyatt loose and he went for the nearest ball with great gusto.
Wolfgang didn't quite get over it until after his nap.


  1. I hope Wolfgang gets over the trauma of the hurricane that swept into his room and hopefully Wyatt didn't show him how to lock his door. Thank you from breaking the door down, sort of, to rescue the boys after we heard the little voice yelling, "hep, hep". so precious.

    love you

  2. have u got a picture of him being stuck in wolfgang's room

  3. Aw, poor boys. Not the last scrape they'll get into, though, I'm sure! :) That jumpy looks like a lot of fun.

  4. This story made me smile! I can imagine how Wolfgang was a little scared by all the action and his poor little friend. The rescue sounds quite dramatic (for little guys at least)! =D