Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our week

We decided to drive in to Lubbock late Friday night. (Why not? Its only 7 hours.)
I did a rush job on laundry and cleaning and packing.
Max watched Wolfgang shuffle trash around with my cane. The Wump basked in the sun.

Wolf helped me by scattering all my folded laundry and donning Daddy's golf shirt.
Max laughed.
We didn't stay long in Lubbock. Long enough to see my family. My brothers Adam and Alex (why don't I ever get pics of Alex? Darn it!)
My sister Hayley (we think the flesh-colored object in the foreground is my knuckle. If I had Photoshop installed I would edit that out. Sorry)
Hayley's husband Seth and their 1-year-old Jude.
We saw my mom in short bursts and got to see more of her new husband Victor. Wolfgang was intrigued by both of them.
But I was sick. I ended up in the urgent care clinic on Sunday morning. Want to know why?
Who gets shingles? I thought that was a 90-year-old-man disease. Apparently not.
So we drove home on Monday morning. We stopped off at Grammy and Poppi's when we got in and they fed us. Wolfgang did some walking and leaping and praising God to be out of that car.
Then he drank water from a tiny coffee cup.
Now we are getting back in the swing of things.
He went to the Doctor (therapist) in his new clothes because apparently they notice that sort of thing. (how cute is my Guggy-Gooster?)
We are doing some more cleaning.
I am working and baby-tending.
Life is good (minus the Shingles)

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  1. Life is glorious and good not to mention a 3 ring circus.

    love you