Saturday, April 16, 2011

just kids

Today is Saturday. I don't know why Saturday should feel any different to me. I still have the rug-rats. I still work. But it DOES feel different. Especially when I have all the doors and windows open. And Randy is here. I love that, of course.
Randy took Wolf into Georgetown this morning so Max and I did some more work.
Look at that little meat-head!
Man he is getting so cute. He looks like Randy in this picture. The dimples. The eyes. The smile(Found my camera software but now I can't find the battery charger and the camera is dead. These are all still phone photos)
He makes Wolfgang look enormous.
But when we hang out with older kids I remember that Wolfgang is only 2. He is just a little boy. Last night we went to Bigz with friends.
The outside part of the restaurant includes a huge enclosed area laid with turf. There are even trees growing up out of it. All the tables are up on the deck but the kids play out on the turf. There is no playground or anything, just a bunch of balls. Whoever designed that is a genius. The kids LOVE it. Wolfgang waddles in and out amongst them with us hovering. But there is always a kid in the crowd who takes him under their little wing. It is the sweetest thing.


  1. Wow, are they cute! The picture of them together is so awesome...they look more alike there than I've thought before. Sweet, sweet boys!

  2. love the photo of them together! Boy I agree, Max looks a lot like Randy. And his fuzzy hair is growing in so nicely (different from Wolfgang's craziness). Cute. Hope you are feeling better too, H!!!