Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Fat Upload

I finally unloaded our camera after nearly 3 months.
744 pictures.
Of nothing.

I'll give you the Cliff Notes.
Aside from a day-by-day slideshow of Max getting chubby....
.....these pictures document our everyday life this year.
Here is Wolfgang with his Kee-Caw (????) on his head. Is he asleep? Awake?
Where is the Benadryl anyway?

Our last few days at Grammy and Papi's were spent the usual way.

Wolfgang worked on mastering the craft of acting.
He needs to work on expressing himself. So repressed.

Here we have Surprised.
Foiled again!
Oh wait, maybe this one is Surprised.
This is a genuine emotion drawn forth when Daddy comes bolting around the corner to get him.
Hanging with Grammy and new-born Max on the couch.

Then we moved.
Man was that exhausting!
Grammy got Wolfgang a JUMPY JUMPY for his room. Its his haven.

Max just hangs out wherever we are. Sweet little peanut.

We took a trip into Georgetown to watch Uncle David shave his beard.
Wolfgang and 4-year-old Zoey cruised the cauld-a-sac in the Barbie Car. Wolfgang donned his cruisin' cap.

We also went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival.
Sounds cute, doesn't it. Its just a fair. Overrun with people stuffing their faces with Frito Pie, Cotton Candy, BBQ, Funnel Cakes and Sno Cones.
Randy and the Wolf rode some rides. Randy did his best not to yak.
The Merry-go-Round nearly did him in.
It was hot hot hot out so we took a break in the shade.
Re-applied the sunscreen.
Ate some Ice Cream.
......and Sno Cones....
......and Frito Pie.......
So thats it.
The recap.
Now to move on.


  1. Love them all. Hurray for camera uploads!

  2. You have the cutest boys! I love Wolfgang's acting!!! So fun!

  3. 744 pictures of awesome fun, I'd say. (trying for a You've Got Mail moment there)


  4. Wow Heather you have been hard at work (uploading, that is; mothering is the easy part). Absolutely LOVE the Wolf emotion series. Sure wish we could see him in action. And love the long hair on you, too.