Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a couple of things....

Its been a busy couple of weeks.
Actually, my days are pretty normal. I tend to the Goo and take a nap (when he does) and do some dishes and wait patiently for dinner to roll around because its my FAVORITE.
But after Wolfgang goes to bed at 8, things get crazy for me. Thats my work/creative time.
I've been working on a few things for The Narnia Estate (.com) in Chicago. The billboard I designed just went up! Yay! So exciting! Its a big one this time. And I'm doing other things like ads and postcards and a big brochure. It will be beautiful when its all done.

Then I've been working at night to come up with some cool headband/scarf designs. This is new territory for me, and I can't sew worth a flip, but Sue (Grammy) has taught me the ins and outs of elastic, so I can at least whip together a prototype (I'm working on designs with a woman who is marketing them. She's got the skills.)And this is Isabella, by the way. My friend Tina's daughter. Isn't she beautiful? She was so great and natural and she has the most fabulous hair ever.
And then, of course, we had the big sonogram day. I have to say that I was convinced it was a girl. I don't know why. It wasn't that I wanted a girl more, I just thought, "its a girl."But it was extremely apparent that this baby is indeed a boy. Max. Wolfgang and Max. I think the names sound good together. :)

The other day Grammy, the Wolf and I drove into Austin to meet the cousins at one of those indoor places full of moon-jumpy thingies. Aside from being an overload of chaotic noise and movement, it was great for the kids. I think Wolfgang fits pretty well in this lineup.
His latest obsession is The Ladder. He begs for it all day long. "Da Laaa!" "Da Laaa!!"We make him wait for Papa to get home.
Just look at this joy. 100% pure joy.


  1. I love that head band. So pretty. Do you have a close-up of the billboard?

    And Wolfgang and his ladder...such a boy! He really does fit right into his crowd of cousins. I can't wait to see little Max too!

  2. Do you know where the billboard is?

    I love that he's got a winky smile with his cousins!

  3. Hey you know if you need any more bridal pictures for a billboard, I'd be happy to offer up mine again! HA!!! So excited about Max! :)