Saturday, June 11, 2011

BLUE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats what Wolfgang calls it anyway. There is some Blue involved.
But more importantly, there is spongy involved. That word looks strange spelled out, doesn't it? Spongy. Spongey? No, Spell Check didn't like that one. Spongy it is.
Wolfgang and Spongy get along well. He takes too many spills for Concrete or even Mulch. Spongy is the best.
A new park opened by our house and we have all found it very fascinating. First of all, the ground is total sponge. No helmet needed.

There are the usual attractions. Spinning things.
Swinging things.

But this is The Wolf's favorite.
Spongy Hills!
Talk about therapy!

Wolfgang could spend hours just walking up and down them.

But my favorite part?
The Field.
Its part of the park. Not sure why. Its big. Its open. Its wild. And its full of these enormous....things.
I could sit on one of his ankles.
So fascinating, surrounded by wildflowers and weeds.

This field is right next to the park and the walking trails. These sculptures look like giants in the dying light. Surreal.
Neat, right?


  1. What a great park! Spongy hills are awesome. And the sculptures are hillarious!


  2. Wow, that's so cool. There's an interesting story behind those, I bet.

  3. How fun! Glad Wolfgang has a place to roam free! Too Cute :-)