Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Truth

The truth is that I'm not very organized even on the best of days.
Having kids has blown my mind. What am I supposed to do with all this....stuff????
Laundry day is crazy (laundry day is every day, by the way). Wolf loves to throw it and wear it, Max grabs it and sucks on it. I just can't win! And how is it that out of 4 loads, only 5 articles of clothing belong to me??!!
This is one of them.
Just look at that pile!
Thats the clean pile.
I also never have the broom to myself. I've witnessed a full blown fit over not allowing a particular 2-year-old to "LEEP!!!"
So, here he is. Leeping.



  1. So cute. Laundry day IS every day, isn't it? Ugh. At least Wolfgang has good taste in which articles he wants to wear from the pile...Iris has taken to wearing a pair of underwear (or two) on her head when I'm trying to get things folded. And she's not helping me sweep either! >:)

  2. Laundry! Amazing how quickly it piles up eh? Love the Wolf's choice of clothing >:) Jude insists on helping me vacuum, and washing the dishes, and pushing the grocery cart lol. They just want to be so helpful at this stage.


  3. Better let him "leep" while he wants too, one day he will run screaming from chores.

    love you