Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love my little brothers. So little and soft and squishy.
Actually they are humongous.
And one of them has this gorgeous handlebar mustache that I KNOW he saved just for me.
(He is 21)

We got to spend more time with Victor, mi mama's new husband!
He totally likes to chill. Fits in pretty well with us, I'd say.

My mom got to be with the Wild Things, which made my heart happy.
Why is it that her skin looks better at 45 (59...shhhh!) than mine does at 37?

The Guggs FINALLY warmed up and played with my little tiny squishy brothers.
Adam (rocking the mustache) and Alex, learnin' The Wolf some physics.
Alex bedazzled us with tales of skateboarding arrests and getting robbed at gunpoint for his pizza.

Adam makes my nice roomy dining area look like a hobbit pantry.

Aw, he shaved it. Still pretty cute though, right?
Thanks for hanging with us all day!

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  1. Your mom is beautiful! Seriously :) she looks amazing! Hope you're doing well! I've been meaning to write you for FOREVER! (I'll get there.....eventually!)