Sunday, September 4, 2011

A couple of shots...

Here are a couple of Parade shots that we posted on the Me And My House Facebook sight.
(you should go look)
For those of you just tuning in....this is where I work.
And this is the Parade of Homes house that we furnished.
I wish I could count the number of texts that flew back and forth between Cathy and I during the design process. But Cathy has a fantastic eye so it all came together.
Look at this killer king bed. Don't you just want to do a face-plant on those pillows?
(Master Bedroom)

And this new art we got is so cool I can hardly stand it. There are so many paintings to see and they are just My artistic talent is jealous. You should come see them.
This is the boy's room btw.

Cathy handed me fabric swatches and I designed all the bedding. This set is a perfect example of Designs Gone Wrong. Some things didn't work. Some things were too fluffy. Some things were too short. Ah well. Its still super cute. We made it work. You just never know.

And this piece? Arg! My feelings for it are extreme! I think about it when we're not together! I wonder if it notices me when we're in the same room! I dream about it at night!
But in the morning reality hits me like a cold piece of toilet paper and I realize that this piece is simply out of my league. It would never lower itself to spend time in my apartment (although my apartment just got a massive jolt of Fabulous. More on that later)
This is another example of behind the scenes last-minute thinking.
It used to have feet. But alas it did not fit in its intended spot and so the feet were sawed...?...sawn...? Unfortunately, it still didn't fit, but it actually looks really great even without the legs. So Cathy flipped it with a living room piece and suddenly the whole house made more sense than it ever had before.
Great thinking, Cathy. Great thinking.


  1. I have master bedroom envy! The walls, the bed posts, the rug...awesome.

  2. I think I say this in every comment, but... you make me bust out in guffaws!! And I'm talking about your humor, not your design sense. (phew) Love the interesting mix of patterns and textures. That boy's room chair is awesome.