Friday, September 2, 2011

Bad Photos

First of all, I'd like to apologize for rarely using my good camera to take photos. Why post any at all if they are going to be this bad, you ask?
My phone is just so....handy. As in, its practically glued to my hand. Just ask Randy.
"Who are you texting now!?" he cries at 8 in the morning.

Anyway, I was at work last night, which was great because I needed to burn off some of the calories I got from this dish.
Its the Adana Kabob!
Who knows what that is, but its Turkish and its incredible and its made at the Turquoise Grill in San Antonio. Like many many great ethnic San Antonian restaurants, don't let the outside fool you into thinking its a new disease waiting to happen. So so so so so good!

Anyway, back to work.
We got a bunch of new accessories in, but I can't even consider hanging things until all the furniture is in its place. So little time, so much wayward furniture.
This little Shabby Chic loveseat is actually a twin foldout.
It was placed in this grouping, which it really does look great with.
Unfortunately, the section has turned into Sofa-land with nary a walkway.
So I had to move it.
To the opposite side of the store.
And somehow make it work.
Even though it went with nothing.
Because there was room.
And I'm kind of liking it. The black. The white. The feminine. The masculine.
I went home happy (at 11, even though this is the ONLY thing I got done)

This scene was the inspiration for the black and white pallet.
Such elegance!

In other news my mother-in-law schlepped this baby home from the Good Will. Dave was like, I don't know Hon. Its.....really.....ugly.

But after a few days of labor (on Dave's part! Haha! Teach you to criticize Sue's Good Will trash!)
it turned out looking like this.
Actually Sue painted it and removed some scary pieces and made the cushion.
So pretty.
Dave did some structural engineering on the underside.
So practical.

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  1. wow Sue, that chair is so cute after you operated it on. Great eye.

    thank you Heather for working in the wee hours of the night so that when we come to work, there's always a surprise waiting.

    love you

    looks like Wolfgang got your talent for display, toilet paper today, Me & My House tommorrow