Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesdays and...other days.

Randy drives into Houston to teach on Tuesdays, so its just me and the monsters.
Really, its not bad. I just treat the entire day like a continual state of emergency. Do I want help? Yes. Would I like Cathy to bring me chicken salad and macaroni and cheese? I think that would be best . Does Grammy need to take us out for ice cream? Probably.

So today was great. Wyatt came over and hung out.
The boys get increasingly wound up until the volume level is so intense that Max starts making a noise that sounds almost exactly like a test for the emergency broadcast system. I'm sure he just wants to fit in but I'm like, Max, if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you jump off a cliff too?
Didn't think so!

Snacks and Dora calm the hoards for a while.

Peace on earth.
Cathy brought us the chicken salad, which is awesome because Wolfgang has a thing for it. We had it one day and the next morning when I opened his bedroom door, the first thing he said was, "Mommy! Chitin Lalad!" (still can't say those S's)
A mommy would have to be made of stone to not get a kick out of that. And of course the Wolf loved that even more. He repeated that phrase for months, just to see me crack up.
Only it got weirder and louder.
And it accompanied this face.

Its been WAY over a hundred degrees here. I'm sure you're tired of hearing me whine but I'm tired of breaking a massive sweat every time I sneeze.
Our AC doesn't cut it.

Notice the time.
Notice the thermostat setting.
Notice the big fat actual temperature.

The last 2 hours of the boys' day is the hardest. It is so hot. But the boys are good....sports.
Why does that not sound right?

We do a lot of lounging.....

....or more accurately, we do a lot of housework avoidance.
It looks like we've robbed the place and then stuck around to play some video games.
I blacked out Randy because he doesn't want his picture on the internet. Use your imaginations.

I give the boys cool baths right before bed. Max is being a grump and refusing all my attempts at encouragement.
He was so not buying it.

As of tomorrow night the Parade of Homes house will be done. Thursday is the judging and then 47 million people will filter through the neighborhood checking things out.
47 million=a few thousand. Not bad, right?

I do a lot of precipitous teetering in my job.
That also sounds weird but I know I've read it in a book........precipitous.......should I Google it?
Here I am displaying built-ins above a bed.

We took a break after Caleb, Cathy's middle son, dropped some stuff off for us. He was beyond enthused.

Here is a soon-to-be-fabulous heap. I'll save final shots for later. After we've wowed the world with our handy-work.

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  1. Love that upholstered bed!

    I would be miserable in that heat with my babies. I would eat too much ice cream and they would be rashy from it being so hot. You should definitely move back here to be our neighbors and enjoy our 67-degrees mornings. Definitely.