Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is my life

There are 2 sides to my coin.
You'll be seeing more of this in weeks to come as I slave with Cathy at the Parade of Homes in San Antonio.
My superhero alter-ego moves beds and armoires and sofas. I scoot 'em all together and hang things around 'em and make it all look pretty.

I squished this section together the other night. I pulled from the 4 opposite corners of the store.
I'd designed these linens and had big grand plans for a huge section. A light and dark "look" both based on the same color scheme. Aqua and brown and orange and FUN!

But things are too crazy to complete a fabulous thought.
So one night I went in and said to myself, "oooh! That Ginormous armoire way over there would look fabulous way over here! And the iron beds definitely need to change clothes and sit in the window! And bla bla bla bla."
I run and run until I hit the big brick wall of floor display.
Then I come home at 11:30 dragging my feet with both of my eyes glazed over.

My other life looks more like this.

Or rather, this.

A little of this....

And a lot of that.
I love this AND that!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE IT. Thank you for doing the crazy part for me, well i guess its all crazy.

    love you