Saturday, August 20, 2011

I wish I could blog

I'm really missing it. You have no idea how many ideas I'm dying to splatter all over the internet universe. But, alas, there is no room in my life for such things.
For now.....

I'm occupied with this one. Suddenly he is all over the place in ways that Wolfgang never was.
But the good news is, he's a happy boy now. We are over our Cry-Every-Waking-Moment-&-Watch-Mommy-Pull-Her-Hair-Out phase.
Behold my dumpling!

He *loves* the Pig-Dog-Bear.

We're also getting a lot of this.
But as soon as I can find the hanging lamp of my dreams, that table is gone. Its a Wolf-head magnate.

We've had visitors.
Kayla and Emily came and entertained us while they were here.
I love those girls.

Cathy and Wyatt spend a lot of time with us which I love. Its good for the Gooster.
Here, they dabble in brushwork.
And then run around in their dresses.

Wolfgang is learning to share things. When he doesn't get one thing (say, his car) then he immediately demands something else. Here he is saying, "Juice!" in his most pathetic voice. Notice the forlorn eyes.

Another Max habit is sleeping with his blankie in his mouth. It doesn't matter how many times I pull it out, it goes right back in. And if I take it away, some other piece of cloth gets shoved in there. Clothing, diapers, etc.

But when Max is sleeping, its Mama and the Wolf.

Behold my little weirdo.


  1. What a blessing to be able to stay home all day long and play, entertain, lock yourself in a closet and start over the next day. Your boys will be blessed by it. Thank you for letting us play, paint, spill juice on the floor and hit you in the face with flying balls, we are also blessed by it.

    love you

  2. I think you were the one to get a ball to the face. I'm the one that had the bat ricochet off my forehead.