Thursday, August 4, 2011

Major Excitement

Many days I just need to get out of the house but I don't really have anywhere to go.
Where do you take two little boys who both need one-on-one attending?
The other day we drove over to Cathy's and sat in the foyer and chilled.

Wolfgang is learning some basic social skills from Wyatt, Mr. Skilled.

But there was all this commotion on the block. Firetrucks, policemen, news stations and the FBI!! Yikes.
Turned out some guy had 3 pounds of mercury in his garage and it spilled.
The news people came over to ask Cathy what she thought about it. She used to spotlight to do a long-distance audition for American Idol and she sang her answer.
"I feeeel safe! From the Merrrrrrcury! The police are handling it! Way to gooooooooo, police!"

Wyatt and Wolfgang stood in the doorway looking confused.

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