Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another hard day....

....or two.
I'm glad its over. I'm glad its bedtime and I can turn my brain off.
Monday night Enkidu got out of the yard. We couldn't find him all night. The next morning we got a call from an animal hospital saying that he was there. He had been hit by a car and a nice man found him at 7:30 in the morning trying to drag himself up onto a curb. He took him to the hospital and paid for some pain relief.
We went to see The Doon. It was bad. His lower half was paralyzed and he had broken teeth. And who knows what else. We gave him the rest of the day to respond to some meds but he didn't. He couldn't go to the bathroom and his bladder was swelling up. So we had to put him to sleep.
It was really hard after all this time. We got him in Chicago and took him all over the world with us. He was Randy's baby.

We all miss him already.
This afternoon we had an appointment with the neurologist about Wolfgang's MRI.
What the test discovered was that at some point before birth, Wolfgang had hemmhoraging in his brain. Where the blood clotted, it left a 1"x1.5" space on the cerebellum. This has affected several things, most importantly his sense of balance.
All we can do at this point is work with him to learn to walk and hope that his brain heals itself in some way . Poor little boy. The doctor said we will just have to wait and see how and if his body will compensate for the loss.
Its going to be a interesting year with 2 babies who can't walk. Thank the Lord for strollers. And thank the Lord for a boy with a good nature and a happy disposition.

This picture appeared on my camera. I'm sure it has something to do with Daddy.

I have been sewing headbands. I looked up from my work the other day to find all of my headbands around Wolfgang's neck.
"Ney!" he said, pointing. That is his word for Necklace.
He crawled off and played for a while with 6 bands hanging off him.


  1. I'm so sorry for your super bad day. I've been praying for you guys non-stop. Enkidu has been on my mind for the past two days. I know that was such a hard thing to do and to go through. I love you guys so much! I hope this week gets better and I will, of course, continue to pray for that sweet boy that owns a huge part of my heart :)

  2. What hard times for you guys! So glad you are surrounded by loved ones. Wolfgang is such a happy boy--he'll carry everybody through. He makes everyone smile.

  3. Love you guys. Wolfgang is awesome and with his sweet, cheerful disposition, I bet he can overcome anything. The human brain can be very resilient and he's never experienced his world any other way...I'll definitely be praying that's good news as far as his learning to compensate for the difference.

    And Enkidu. Sweet, funny dog. Kirk and I were talking last night about the times you had him here. Shooting rubber bands around the living room. Being chased by a howling Vera all around the house. He'll be missed.

  4. When it rains it pours for sure! You guys have been through so much but y'all are doing an amazingly wonderful job of handling everything. I am proud of y'all!
    I am glad that Wolfgang is such a sweet little boy surrounded by people who love him so much. It is a blessing for sure.
    Prayers for everyone. Love y'all so much. You and Randy are truly amazing parents who have a wonderful son and another wonderful one on the way.



  5. Oh Heather, I'm so sorry about Enkidu - just be happy in knowing you gave him such a wonderful and very interesting life. He got to travel more than I ever have!
    I am also so sure that you guys will come through everything with Wolfgang just like you have everything else in you life - stronger than ever! He is such a sweet soul and so are you and Randy.
    Love you,