Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today was not a good day.

As stressful as it was for us, it was infinitely worse for the Gooster.
He had an MRI done. We had to be there at 7:30 for a 9 o'clock appointment. That meant we sat around and twiddled our thumbs for an hour and a half. He hadn't eaten since the day before, but he was a happy happy boy.
...Until they tried to stick him with the IV needle. They couldn't get the vein in his arm and had to do it in his foot. He screamed for Grammy and Papa. It nearly broke my heart.
They took him back at about 9:30 and we didn't hear from them again until nearly 11:30.
Then we got to go meet him in the recovery room.

Lets just say the waking up part was the hardest.

When he finally (after an hour or so) regained consciousness, he screamed and thrashed and lost his foot IV and blood went everywhere. We had to leave the hospital with a screaming, naked Wolf wrapped in a blanket.
:( Poor Goo.
We'll have an appointment with the neurologist soon to see what we find and what happens next.


  1. Oh, poor little Goo! I'm so sorry to hear about your bad day. I'm just glad it is over with now. Prayers for the little guy...I hope the rest of everyone's week is better. Give the little guy a big squeeze for me.

    Love you guys.


  2. Oh, Heather, this just breaks my heart. Poor Wolfgang. I hope he is back to his happy self today...the only good thing about such a little one having to go through that is that maybe he will forget about it quickly. Love you guys - I'm praying for a good follow-up with the neurologist!

  3. What a sad little blog! I am sure it was hard on all of you. It's so hard to see your kid go thru stuff like this. Praying for a good follow up with the doc!

  4. Heather, my thoughts and prayers go out to y'all.
    Life is crazy sometimes but he'll make it through! He's a tough little guy!
    Hope things go better with the neurologist
    I'll be prayin it does!

  5. Oh poor little guy. Bet he's forgotten about it now and is back to his old self.

  6. Poor, sweet baby. It must have been so hard on all of you. :(