Monday, November 1, 2010


The Wolf had a fun weekend, mainly because it was Grammy's birthday and he reaped the benefits.

Yesterday we grilled and then had chocolate cake. Dave and Sue had gone to a Spurs game the night before and Wolfgang wore his "go go go" shirt most of the day (including to church)
Afterwards, the Wolf donned a Houston Oilers uniform Sue found for him at a garage sale. We were just going to take pictures.....
....of the winking footballer....

....but then Randy took him outside and it dawned on us that people were giving out candy. So we stuffed him in his stroller and walked up and down the street gathering loot.
It was so cute that I could hardly stand it.


  1. His face as he tastes that chocolate frosting...The Best Ever!

  2. Yay for candy and goodies and happy late birthday Grammy!! :-) We love you guys! It looks like the Wolf had a pretty darn good time.