Saturday, July 16, 2011


With this blog, all my pride is swallowed and I reveal to you the true state of my house.
Our king sized mattress has become the dining room bed.
The boys wake up and watch Dora whilst reclining on our pillows.

At first we were trying to get Max to sleep through the night, so we stuck him in a separate room. That worked so we then moved him to Wolfgang's room, but kept the second room open. Just in case there was a middle of the night scream-fest that wouldn't end.
In the mean time, we do a lot of playing in the empty room.
Check out the awesome headboard. Randy and Robin (Cathy's husband) refinished this old beat-up bed they had in the warehouse.
Now all it needs is finials! And a frame! And some box springs! And the dining room mattress!

We have fun in here, though.

If Daddy is in the room, Wolfgang is laughing.
At anything.
And Everything.

He is a big-time Daddy's boy.

The Maxter-pants sits around and plays.

Look at the back of his head! How cute is that? Love those ears!

He chills out in his big, fat diapy.

I don't think Wolfgang has chilled out EVER.
Just look at him going to town on the harmonica.
Relax, dude!

I was trying to shoot bubbles. They didn't show up but I'm liking this unfinished painting with my hat hanging there in front of it. It gives a totally wrong impression of my style.

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