Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot Summer

This is the hottest summer ever!
Look at that flushed face!
We've been busy? Distracted? Something like that.
Our mattress has been in the living room for the past 2 weeks. Trying to train Maxter-Pants to sleep through the night. He's doing great. Pretty soon we'll be able to rearrange again. Its just easier when he's screaming in a different room. Know what I mean?
The boys lounge and watch Dora.
(these are all phone shots. Blurry and washed out. Nice!)

Max is my constant companion. I clean the house and wheel him around.

He still does quite a bit of this, though.

Wolfgang is On! The! Move!
He will do this for an hour straight.
Step up, step down. Step up, step down. Step up, step down.

Makes my rear end sore just watching him

We've done quite a bit of swimming. Just to cool off.

All 5 of the cousins were here for a week, too.
That was loads of crazy fun.

I've been painting my brains out. Procrastinating on projects that have been lining up. I whipped this one out (to earn a swimsuit).
Then I have a fun table top to paint. I have it drawn! I'm also working on a painting that Randy has wanted for years. Psalm 1.

I've also been working at night. I moved this bed halfway across the showroom. Sometimes I just can't live with a piece of furniture until I move it 47 million yards.
Its not that its heavy, its that I have to move 2 beds, 4 sofas and a dining table just to make a path.
New Peruvian stuff. Fun fun.

Most of the time our life is sitting around in our PJ's playing Baseball Game. Wolfs new fave.
Fun for him anyway. :)

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  1. Ha ha! That series of step aerobics photos is the best awesome. And Max is getting so big!