Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Various things

We started a detox diet today. I've never willingly dieted before, but it is now time. I have baby-weight to shed and ailments to cure and bad habits to break. I wish I loved healthy food but I don't. I love hot dogs. And butter. And funnel cakes. And cokes. I could live on breakfast food. Bacon, eggs, pancakes. Or really just pancakes. Or really just butter....
So this diet terrifies me. 21 days. A smoothie in the morning, a light lunch and pulverized soup for dinner. All within a rigid menu of items. Thank you Lord for letting me marry a man who knows how to make ANYTHING taste good. He can work with lentils.

Aside from that, big changes.
We are trying new beverages.
Perusing new literature.
Poor Wolf has been hitting things left and right. No matter how many obstacles we remove, he always finds something the collide with. Its an uncanny talent.
All he wants to do is "Wun!" and "Jup!"
"Mommy, Mommy, Wun!"
Its really a fast stumble across the living room, but he can do it.
Most of the time....

This little shiner was given to him courtesy of an end table that we put in our room. Right now its the ONLY thing in our room besides Max's crib. And Wolf's eye met its corner. My heart stopped.
But nothing daunts him. He has the best attitude in the world.

And afterwards, he is back to his old quirky self.

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  1. He has a spirit I wish we could all capture. Not just a trooper, but he genuinely loves life and trying hard. I love that kid so much!!!