Thursday, July 7, 2011


He is 6 months old today. Fwew. Got the hardest part of baby-hood over with. Now he is fat and cuddly and talky and rolley.

There are so many sides to the Maxter of Disaxter.
He sits in rapt attention any time I put Dora on. He smiles and squeals and sits on the edge of his bumbo in anticipation of the next song.

There is his intellectual side, demonstrated here by his Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Sometimes the Maxterpants just wants to cut loose and wear his swim diaper on his head.
Here he was bouncing so violently in his bumbo that the swim diaper took on the shape of the pope's hat. Wolfgang couldn't control his laughter.
I really need to start taking pictures with my camera. Either that or get a better phone....(yes!).

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