Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stacy's House

A friend of mine in Lubbock gave her living-room set to her newlywed daughter. She needed new fun things so she emailed me and said, "Got anything?"
Last time I went to Lubbock I stopped off at her house and we played with fabric for a while. Then she said, Ok. Go for it.
I picked out some fabrics and emailed this to her.
I know, in your mind you're saying, I thought you were doing this for her, not you.
It is so me.
If I were to order a dream sofa, I would use all of these fabrics. These are my favorite colors.
It was easy.

So I designed a sofa, chair and a half and then we did the cutest little burlap chair in the world.
It arrived at her home week before last. Tell me she doesn't have the cutest home ever.
The sofa is all squishy and downy. The fabrics are soft and totally hard-core. Those babies aren't going to wear out.
Look at that cutest-chair-in-the-world!

There are 7 different fabrics on the sofa. All different textures. And check out the killer mini-ruffles. Not too frilly, but enough to be awesome.
My favorite is the cherry-blossom, of course.

Camera shot

And check out the cool post office piece she got in Canton.
So fun. I get to design stuff for the store all the time, but rarely for real live people who love funkiness.
Thank you Stacy!

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  1. Her house looks great. Everyone should just hand over their house to you and you bring it all to Me & My House. I love her piece from Canton. I'm sure she's thrilled. And thank you Stacy for letting Heather do this through my store.