Friday, May 27, 2011

The Coolest Place

There is an amusement park in San Antonio called Morgan's Wonderland.
It is specifically designed for people with disabilities. Every area and every ride can accommodate those in wheelchairs.

We went yesterday to check it out.

Wyatt and Wolf had fun.
Heather had no fun at all. :)

We went on the train twice. Once with Max (who moments after this shot was taken screamed for his life. He just couldn't handle the train) and once without Max (Cathy took him off to look at something a little quieter).

All the play areas were padded. I wish Wolf's whole world was. He sure loved it.
They had these huge....dongy things. What are those called, Randy? Big pipes you hit with rubber mallets. All different shapes and sizes. Man was that cool.

Then of course we had pickles and hot dogs. Wolfgang immediately dropped his hot dog on the ground so Cathy gave him hers. Thank you Caffy.

I think we're finally getting used to each other. :)


  1. Buddies forever. Wolfgang and Wyatt

  2. I bet Wolf LOVED it! Wish I could've been there. Sorry I haven't commented more on your blog :'(