Friday, May 13, 2011


Randy will be home in 2 days. I can't wait to post some blogs about his Honduran adventures.

Its been an interesting week, just me and the boys. The sicko's.

Its been busy. We've spent time with Cathy at La Cantera (which Wolfgang can totally say now).
She's good with crying babies in public spaces.

On Tuesday we went to Grammy's home to spend a few nights.
Wolfgang *LOVES* Grammy's home.
His favorite thing in the world? Being "nayted" in the little plastic pool on Grammy's deck.
And feeding Mindy....

I stuck Max in the office at night and began sleep training with him. The first night he cried.
All. Night. Long.
Next day he was just fine and the next night he slept well.
I love it when I catch a cross-eyed shot.

The boys loved Grammy's carpet.
(blurry shot)

I took them both to the doc on Wednesday because Max got Wolf's cold. Wolf had to get a couple of shots. The next day he had an infection spreading across his leg where they poked him. So I had to take him back to the doctor to get meds.
Here we are waiting in the sickly light of Walmart for his prescription. He got a lollipop for all his troubles.

Later we made the trek back home with all our junk. And this afternoon Seth (Cathy's eldest son) brought me this dresser from the warehouse. Its an antique that nothing has been done with.....yet! I CAN NOT WAIT to get my clothes off the floor! Yay!


  1. I bet you can't wait to have Randy home again! Sick and all, the boys still look adorable...and sleeping: Go, Max!

    Also, great dresser.

  2. you have now won the award for mom of the year when you can survive a week with your husband out of the country and 2 sick boys and two trips to the dr and still have all your marbles. Way to go

    love you

  3. Ditto what Cathy said. Amazing!!

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