Saturday, May 21, 2011

My adopted sister

Cathy and I have been friends for 14 years now. Amazing. She is one of the great influences in my life. Another incredible woman helping me to grow (up.....she's still waiting).
There are a lot of things that connect us. Humor is the biggie. The other biggie is our love of creativity. It runs in her family. She was born with it and you can see it in her store.

You can also see it in her family.
Here we 3 of the most talented women on the planet.
My Cathy, Janet, and Carol.
And sweet wonderful Rose. I love her.

My second most favorite store (aside from Cathy's) in the universe is Homestead, in Fredericksburg (owned by Carol and her husband). Being in there makes me want to pretend. That I live there.
So, the other day I ran into Carol at Forever 21. It was a strange moment where I had to think, "Where am I?"
"Who is that and how do I know her?"
"Am I in Chicago?"
"Is that a celebrity?"
Then it all clicked.
She told me she wanted to donate a piece of furniture to my cause.
(My cause being, Life after Africa with 2 surprise babies.)
Other things run in their family besides creativity. Lovingkindness is one of them.

So today we loaded the babies up in the car for a day-trip.

Let me tell you what.
It was hot out. We only made it into Homestead and out again.
But I found my piece!
Its old old old. And heavy heavy heavy.
But my main squeeze got it up the stairs with no prob. He's a hoister. Heaver? Hefter?

I can't stop looking at it!
Ooooo!!!!!! Nice!!

Now I just have to decide what goes where.

I also found this cute old drawer piece, which I desperately need. I'm about to organize my life.
Thank you thank you thank you Carol and Tim!
I feel loved and blessed. (A feeling I often get from your beloved sister!)
PS- I saw Mac in the store and couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to say hi but was pretty sure he had no idea who I was and didn't want to freak him out. :)

In other news, I got this old (new) splintery frame for my "painting".

Its not a real painting.
I mean, I painted it and all, but I only did it because this is a hymn I want to sing every single day. Its more eye and heart-candy for me.


  1. Thank you my friend. Your picture should be right there with the three sisters. Glad you were blessed today. I love you. Cathy

  2. Wow, lucky you! It's gorgeous.