Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lee Woll

Or, to everyone else but Wolfgang, Sea World!
Me, my boys, Cathy, her daughter Alyrose and Wyatt all went to Sea World. It was a beautiful day. Absolutely perfect. Still, with toddlers and babies, there is always room for utter chaos.
I was very proud of all the boys. They did so good.

Although, about 20 seconds after this was taken the biggest dolphin I've ever seen jumped out of the water right in front of us and drenched us. Wolfgang nearly flipped his gourd. Poor Goo. I didn't prepare him for that....

There are great things to do at Sea World. A little playground for toddlers.

Penguins! We all loved the penguins. And Wyatt loved Wolfgang's hat, which was nice. They took turns with it.

The best part was the toddler water area. Little benign spouts of water came out of the concrete here and there (all under a canopy).

The boys had fun there. Afterwards they dried off at the playground.
We have season passes.
I'm sure this summer we'll be making a bee-line for the water area. Maybe Max will be splashing around before too long.


  1. It was fun chaos. Thank you Wolfgang for sharing your hat with Wyatt, we'll make sure we bring our own next time.

    love you
    cathy or caffey

  2. Brookfield Zoo has a water spout play area as well. It's so perfect for little kids; when we had zoo passes a few years ago we spent LOTS of time there, just letting Mila play and get wet.

    Looks like this was a fun day! And...three bog posts in a single day! Yea!