Thursday, May 5, 2011

Manic Creative

Sometimes I wonder if I have issues.
I suddenly had this urge to paint. Like, if I didn't do it, I'd explode. Problem is, I just don't have time. I can't paint with 2 cling-ons. And when they go down, I go to work. No time for painting.
But when I get to this point, I MUST PAINT.
Sue came and took Wolfgang for a few hours on Wednesday. She also left these paper cutouts from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Now, I didn't end up with real paintings, but I did get a big canvas covered for my own future painting, and 7 others covered for some kid-art.

When I say I whipped these out, you have no idea!
I WHIPPED them out in a matter of hours. Like 3.
There is my future painting, standing alone amongst the buckets.
I squatted on the floor in my jammies for 3 hours cutting and pasting and writing with crayons.

I had to finish things up with both boys in the room.
There is only one (make that 2) ways this was possible:



Boy did he love making THAT mess!

I had a hard time laying them out, partly because I had to use canvases I bought from a garage sale with someone else's "art" on them. Odd sizes.

In the end I nailed them to the darn wall just to get them out of the way. They are basic and rigged, but Wolfgang likes them.
I absolutely hate hanging anything so high, but the toddler is grabby.

Now I just need to paint his room.
Green maybe???


  1. Wolfgang painting in his adorable.

  2. I love Eric Carle. The layout for everything he ate is great--a caterpillar food pyramid! Good for you!


  3. So beautiful. All the paintings look amazing. Did Wolf do them all. LOl Stating him early. I'm sure he will be just like mommy when it comes to his creative side.