Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dancing Machine

Sometimes, as a household, we break into spontaneous dance.
It just happens.
Tonight we were listening to a little disco.

The doctors didn't know if Wolfgang would ever walk, but just look at him go!

He's got the whole Saturday Night Fever thing DOWN!
(he put his own shorts on, by the way)

He's pretty serious about the Twist.

And the Running Man.
Go Wolfgang, Go Wolfgang, Go Wolfgang...

Not sure about this one.

And after a while it just gets crazy up in here.

The Gooster really boogies.
.....until he's too dizzy to remain upright.
He's a dancin' machine.


  1. John travolta eat your heart out. Go for it wolf, stayin alive, stayin alive . Love you, caffey

  2. I would like to testify that I have seen this spontaneous dancing with my own eyes. It's a cross between John Travolta and Elvis!