Monday, May 23, 2011

My Everything hurts

Today was not the greatest day in the world.
It started out this morning with Wolfgang tripping and ramming his enormous head, backed by the weight of his body, into my face. My mouth was full of blood and I'm not sure if it was because I bit off a little piece of my tongue, or because my nose was smashed into oblivion.
That was more than 12 hours ago and my whole face is still throbbing. But the swelling in my nose went down, so nothings broken.
The poor Wolf grabbed my head (as I grabbed my face) and he cried and yelled, "Solly Mommy! Solly!"
Its not an easy task to comfort him when I'm not sure I still have my front teeth.
But I did. Because I love him with all my Mommy heart.

Tonight I went out the door to work right after the munchkins went down at 8.
We're bringing in a bunch of new furniture tomorrow so I moved things around in preparation.
I moved a large hutch and buffet. And a bed. And 3 dining tables. And 7 sofas. And about a thousand odds and ends. That just about did me in. When I got home and walked in the door, Max was screaming so I went and fed him.
I. Am. Exhausted.
Beyond Exhausted.

But I get to raise these guys.
And it is worth anything I have to give.
Even if that means dragging a Queen-sized bed all the way across a showroom floor (one foot at a time, sitting on the floor and pulling with all my might. Its not pretty. Glad I didn't have witnesses)


  1. ouch, hope your back is holding up okay with all that lugging and pulling and pushing. And where are you in the photo with Max? Cool park?! Those boys look so friendly and cute. (same mouth shape?) I can hardly stand it

  2. Heather, you make me laugh and cry almost at the same time... love your mommy heart!