Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crazy Mommy

This is what I'm currently referring to as my sanity post.
If I don't sit and chill for 5 seconds then my brain will burn out like a light bulb and I will start drooling like everyone else in the house.
Wolfgang is sick, but not sick enough to sit around and do nothing. Last night Max started coming down with a cold and he was up most of the night.
I am burnt out and it isn't even the middle of the week.
To give you an example of how the day has gone, this morning a friend called. While I was on this very short phone call, Max lost it and Wolfgang reared back and punched me in the nose. Not a smack, not a tap, but a full-force-fist punch. I was off that phone in a nano-second.
Things went downhill from there.
Tonight, we're going to Grammys.

Subject change.
When we move into a place, I usually have it done in weeks. The reason for this is that we never live anywhere for more than a year or 2, and I don't want to spend the whole time mulling it over. I want it done so I can live in it and enjoy it. If its not EXACTLY RIGHT, who cares, I'll try something new with the next place.
This time its taking me a while. First of all, I have the cling-ons. They like to take time and consume it (like a Doberman on a sausage wagon, as my uncle might say).
Also I don't get out much and so I have access to very little. No hours digging through junk at the Salvation Army.
But I still LOVE LOVE LOVE our little apartment.
I have this sofa, you see.
My FIRST real sofa.
Its a Shabby Chic.
Its filled with down.
I. Love. It.
We have started over with nothing and because of that, and because she loves me, Cathy came to the rescue with furniture.
I love you, Cathy.
I love you, sofa.
At first I thought I'd do something more modern and intense. I tried the chartreuse green you see above. But I've discovered that "modern" necessitates a tendency towards minimalism. My brain isn't capable of that. So I scrapped the green (and the orange in the kitchen) and went for aqua!
I also took the "grid" down and did something a little more organic (and unfinished. Not even done with painting the tree). Its all a process, which I hate for apartments. I just want to get it done.
I had about 40 of these bird illustrations that I ripped from a Goodwill book I found at Sue's house and begged for. Then I painted $store frames black and added a swatch of fabric to each. Just because.

The other side of the living room is equally unfinished.
The wooden stuff isn't painted (how do I live with myself?)
Any my new favorite swivel-rocker (also from Cathy) has yet to be covered in the giant taupe hounds tooth that I found)
As they are, things don't really make sense . But I can see the future. The future involves pillows and slipcovers and funky funky details.

The kitchen looks better but none of my paintings are framed yet. This one isn't even really mounted on its frame. (I shipped them all back from Africa and have never properly remounted them)
The diningroom has turned into my work station because we end up with fabric and paperwork and ....junk all over the rest of the house.
I still have my vintage Chinese cigarette ad from Walter E Smithe in Chicago.
And here is the worst/best example of my unfinished status.
An unfinished painting. The faux beaded board on the wall. Nothing done.
Ah well......


  1. i think it looks great in person though. It will get done, things just move slower when your battling a broken nose (yours) and a runny nose (theirs). You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you and your nose. At least the people in Honduras are hearing about Jesus while you're here loosing your mind. You are a great wife and mother and friend. Love you

  2. The aqua and tree and totally you, but unique to this place. How do you keep creating new stuff that is true to yourself. Great work--especially after getting clocked in the schnoz by a toddler.


  3. Owwww! Your poor nose.

    Even half-done, your apartment is full of so much beauty. Your tree paintings are so great.