Monday, May 16, 2011


We went and picked up Randy at the airport yesterday (with the help of Cathy's family. They picked up Caleb, their soon-to-be high school graduate.)
Wolfgang was beside himself with glee. He loves his daddy.
I love his daddy too. I have to say that as Randy walked off that plane, all tan and unshaven, I thought, "wow. I have one good-looking husband."
He has some pretty fascinating stories. The one I keep having him retell is the one where he is running down the steep mountain, at his guide's insistance (to avoid a massive storm thats about to happen), when suddenly he hits a wrong spot and goes sprawling. His guide turned and laughed at him.
Only this afternoon (when I pried for more details too add to my mental feast) did I learn that he was carrying an unsheathed machete, a skill-saw and a shovel.

Thank you Robin for giving Randy today off. We got up, stopped by McDonalds for breakfast and went to the Zoo with a picnic lunch.
It was wonderful. We rode the train.
(Check out my handsome Randy)

Train + Daddy = Heaven

Can't wait to see all of Randy's pics!

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  1. Welcome home, Randy! Can't wait to hear more about the trip. :)