Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picnic on the floor

Today was a good day...mostly....
There is always some little thing that throws a wrench on good times (like the downstairs neighbor pounding on the ceiling with a broom handle to tell us to cork it).
But today was a fairly relaxed day. We stayed in our jammies until noon. Opened up all the windows and doors. Had a picnic on the floor.

Chicken Salad on crackers! String Cheese! Mandarin Orange slices!
So much to consume, so little space in the mouth.

Max drooled on his shirt. Poor guy. I know he just can't wait to stuff his face like the Wolf.

He sure is cute.

And the closer you get, the cuter he becomes!

Awwww! Sweet Baby Max!

Afterwards we had 2 cookies. We had to announce that fact after every bite.
"Two Cookies!"


  1. That's how excited I get when I have 2 cookies. I knew the Wolf and I loved each other for a good reason, we both love cookies.

    love you all

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